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Don’t run — beta

Don’t run – beta, initiated together with Juan Montero, explores the possibility of a collaborative open production line for shoe making. Rapid manufacturing machines such as laser cutters are used alongside revised and simplified assembly methods. The result is a system for prototyping/producing that is quick/economical/easy. Shoe production becomes a few specific but simple assembly steps/instructions that the consumer themselves are now and integral part of. This shift in system transfers shoe production from factory floors across the globe, to localised shop/workshop floors. With new roles the consumer/ viewer/ citizen becomes the coworker/ student/ teacher.


Don’t run – beta is a project developed with the collaboration of:
Shoe design: Sophia Guggenberger, Anastasija Mass and Eliška Kuchtová
Illustration: Francesco Zorzi
Communication: Olivia de Gouveia


For more info:

Eugenia Morpurgo
Juan Montero Valdes
Sophia Guggenberger — Shoe design
Anastasija Mass — Shoe design
Eliška Kuchtová — Shoe design
Francesco Zorzi — Illustration
Olivia de Gouveia — Communication






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