New technologies for local resources

Workshop at ENSAD

During the workshop that took place at ENSAD on February 2016, together with 30 students, we explore the potential of “Transition Design” in the neighbourhood of Montreuil; a design that “focusses on the need for cosmopolitan localism, a lifestyle that is place-based and regional, yet global in it’s awareness and exchange of information and technologies.” In collaboration with the Écofablab of Montreuil, we designed solutions for the needs of the neighbourhood, researching local waste materials and economies; envisioning the Ecofablab, and digital technologies, as production means for our prototypes.


The workshop was part of the annual Cycle Façonner l’Avenir 2016 / Cycle Forging the Future.The topic of 2016 was: In Time and Place: Investigating the tangible variable of temporality within sustainable creative practices.


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Eugenia Morpurgo

Alexia Venot
Sophie Pilorget
Romane Boussard
Rosanna Lefeuvre
Jane Peynot
Garance Tressarieu
Joséphine Schmitt
Noemie Vallerand
Laura Williams
Katarzyna Howorko
Antoine Thibaudeau
Sabrine Sidki
Antoine Defour
Arthur Ristor
Florent Lenormand
Camille Vouteau
Antonine Van Hout
Fleur Moreau
Céline Brunel
Julie Carre
Louis Charron
Caroline De Salins
Clément Deloux
Geoffrey Hillereau
Kristina Lasbleiz
Aimée Moreni-Deude
Gaëlle Rollet
Océane Thomas
Florian Dach
Dimitri Zephir
Gomez Minerva Salguero
Pryor Esme
Sophie Taillet
Camille Dillard


École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
31 rue d’Ulm
75240 Paris cedex 05


8th – 12th February 2016