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Innovation through open-source design processes

During the past decade, an open-source model has lead to a method of software development based on shared creation and collective innovation. Implementing a similar system for everyday objects would lead to products which are more adaptable, and serve as a step toward a more circular system of production and economy.How can a product be reduced to a minimal framework of its own basic functions and components in order to make open and distributed manufacturing process possible?


Identifying, rethinking, documenting and sharing this framework – a minimal combination of the product’s essential functions and components – can unlock the potential of a more flexible, user-centred product that can be the result of a combination of global and local accessible production processes.


Within the context of the Workshop, we will address this issue from two points-of-view, one from the perspective of the producer and the other from the user-maker, realized through two distinct but related workshop formats.
Project developed together with Jesse Howard for the Workshop Workshop.

All images via WeMake Milano

Eugenia Morpurgo

Jesse Howard

Together with:
WeMake Milano


Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
Via C. Darwin, 20, 20143 Milano


September 6th 2016