#venice Realised Utopias

London Design Biennale 2016

#venice Realised Utopias intends to valorise what Yona Friedman calls Utopies Réalisables,French for feasible utopias. In contrast to the paternalistic utopia imposed from outside, Utopies Réalisables intend to solve the internal problems of a community using the tools available to the community itself.


#venice Realised Utopias looks directly to Venice and to its current representation of the city as a museum, to be consumed and not to be lived. A partial and purely touristic narrative that completely occupies the media channels, hiding all activities, referable to Utopies Réalisables, implemented by citizens in order to solve everyday problems which every city has to face, including Venice. Venice, home to 110,000 people but consumed by 27 million, needs a change in the narration made by all in order to continue the process of social innovation that is facing. On the 8th of September 2016 these “Realised Utopias ” will attempt to regain possession of the representation and narrative of Venice on the social media Instagram. Follow #venice.


For more info: http://realisedutopias.net/

#venice Realised Utopias intende valorizzare quelle che Yona Friedman definisce “utopie realizzabili”. In opposizione alle utopie paternaliste imposte dall’esterno, le utopie realizzabili si propongono di risolvere i problemi interni ad una comunità tramite gli strumenti a disposizione della comunità stessa.


#venice Realised Utopias guarda direttamente a Venezia e alla sua attuale rappresentazione come città museale, da consumare e non da vivere. Una narrazione parziale e prettamente turistica che occupa interamente i canali mediatici, nascondendo tutte le attività, riconducibili ad utopie realizzabili, messe in atto dai cittadini con lo scopo di risolvere le problematiche quotidiane con cui ogni città si deve confrontare, Venezia compresa.


Venezia, abitata da 110.000 persone ma consumata da 27 milioni, necessita un cambio di narrazione da parte di tutti per poter continuare nel processo di innovazione sociale che sta affrontando.


L’8 settembre queste “Utopie Realizzate” cercheranno di riappropriarsi della rappresentazione e della narrazione di Venezia presente sul social media Instagram. Follow #venice.


#venice Realised Utopias è un progetto che fa parte della mostra White Flag a cura di Silvana Annicchiarico e Giorgio Camuffo, Triennale Design Museum Milano, per la London Design Biennale 2016.







White Flag


Twenty Italian designers have been asked to rethink the symbolic White Flag as a utopian emblem of global truce. The results are placed on the world map at the heart of the installation, but each day of the Biennale, one of the flags is removed and replaced by an object chosen or created by the designer. The intention is to instil a sense of urgency, even emergency, for the chosen places marked on the map. In the end there will be only a landscape of objects, as an offertory brought about in a time of truce.

“Throughout the course of history, utopias have almost always attempted to build new worlds. And impose new models. Each one saturating the space and claiming to be unique and perfect. The result is a world saturated with models that suffocate each other. That are mutually exclusive. That all attempt to exclude the others and assert only themselves. Perhaps the time has come to think about utopia not as a form of construction, but rather as an act of deconstruction. As a moment of surrender.


This is the idea: a world that surrenders. That raises a white flag. That takes a step back. That calls for a truce. That lays down its weapons. That does not impose itself, but that opens itself up. That stops the endless monologue of all utopian ideas and that gives in to the need for dialogue. In other words, that gives in to the need to interact with others, with the imperfect, with those who do not fit the norms and standards. With those who believe in another model, another dream, another god.”

Administering Body:
Triennale Design Museum


Silvana Annicchiarico
Giorgio Camuffo


Supporting Body:
Ceramica Francesco De Maio (technical partner)

Design Team:


Antonio Aricò
Associato Misto
Marco Campardo and Lorenzo Mason
Cristina Celestino
Matteo Cibic
Francesco D’Abbraccio (Studio Frames)
Alessandro Gnocchi
Francesca Lanzavecchia
(Lanzavecchia + Wai)
Lucia Massari
Giacomo Moor
Eugenia Morpurgo
Rio Grande (Lorenzo Cianchi,
Natascia Fenoglio, Francesco Valtolina)
Sovrappensiero Design Studio
Alessandro Stabile
Studio Gionata Gatto
Studio Zanellato/Bortotto
Gio Tirotto
4P1B Design Studio

London Design Biennale


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Eugenia Morpurgo

Commissioned by:
London Design Biennale
Somerset House
United Kingdom