Counter Colonial Aesthetics

Textile Wax Print Collaboration

Together with Eugenia Morpurgo of “The Future Continuous”, Marginal Studio hosted a second experimental workshop bringing together the traditional art of batik and new printing techniques through the use of a machine created by Eugenia Morpurgo. Focusing on stories that show the influence that Europe still has on Africa, the textiles function as conversation pieces as well as… (symbols of African culture – patterns on textiles, etc.)

Inspiration image for workshop collaboration.

All images via Marginal Studio

Eugenia Morpurgo

Zeno Franchini (Marginal Studio)

Francesca Gattello (Marginal Studio)

Commissioned by:
Marginal Studio



Padiglione 33

Via Gaetano La Loggia 5, Palermo


Workshop duration:
October 8th – 12th 2018


On show:
September 22nd – November 4th 2018